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Mit der Nelkenrevolution am Als erster portugiesischer Botschafter in Mosambik akkreditierte sich Albertino Almeida am Juni in Maputo. Die Beziehungen zur Sowjetunion gestaltete sich hingegen problematisch. Es folgten eine Vielzahl portugiesischer Investitionen und eine zunehmende Belebung der kulturellen und institutionellen Beziehungen. Besonders in den Bereichen Telekommunikations - und Informationstechnik , Verkehrsinfrastruktur und Bankwesen erhoffen sich beide Seiten starke Fortschritte.

Die mosambikanisch-portugiesischen Beziehungen werden heute von beiden Seiten als ausgezeichnet beschrieben. Zudem sind mosambikanische Generalkonsulate in Porto und Lissabon eingerichtet. Daneben sind portugiesische Generalkonsulate in Nampula , Beira und Quelimane angesiedelt. Das Auge von Hertzog. Der in den er und er Jahren weltbekannte portugiesischen Tenor Lomelino Silva wurde am Am Mosambikanischen Filmschaffen waren seit Beginn portugiesische Filmschaffende beteiligt. Euro nach Mosambik Der Betrag belief sich auf fast Mio. So war er der erste portugiesische Trainer, der mit Benfica Lissabon die Meisterschaft gewann.

Abel Xavier , der im Januar mosambikanischer Nationaltrainer wurde. Mosambik unterlag dabei 2: Juni , blieb Portugals Team siegreich, diesmal mit 3: In all cases, a correct class assignment could be achieved. The fusion task is formulated by means of an energy function and can be interpreted as a special case of Bayesian data fusion. The fusion result is obtained by minimization of this function. Due to the complexity of the corresponding optimization, an efficient approximation is proposed which enhances the usability of the approach essentially and nevertheless leads to visually satisfying results.

The presented methods were originally developed for acquisition of firearm bullet and cartridge case images, but they are also well-suited for the acquisition of high-quality images of any object in the context of automated visual inspection. Der Aufsatz behandelt die entscheidenden Schritte der Beurteilungsstrategie: Bullets bear groove-shaped marks that can be thought of as a kind of 'fingerprint' of the firearm on their circumferential surface. To accomplish the comparison task, mainly the fine grooves on the bullet surface are of interest.

The presented approach is based on an automatic extraction of a 'signature' describing the relevant marks. To enable a reliable feature extraction, high-quality images of the bullets are obtained.

After a preprocessing step, a model-based abstraction is accomplished by adaptively projecting the image intensities of relevant grooves along their course. The resulting one-dimensional signals are not only very compact, they also have proven to provide a faithful representation of the surface information originating from the rifling of the firearm. However, an additional signal processing step is needed to separate those signal components describing the system parameters from the interesting individual marks. The performance of the methodology presented is demonstrated and quantitatively assessed with an image database of real bullets.

It is shown that with our methods, the efficiency of an automatic identification of firearms can be dramatically increased. Since illumination is a critical aspect regarding robustness and image quality, it is considered here as an active component of the image acquisition system. The performance of the presented methods is demonstrated - among other examples - with images of needles for blood sugar tests.

Such objects show an optimized form consisting of several planar grinded surfaces delimited by sharp edges. To allow a reliable assessment of the quality of each surface, and a measurement of their edges, methods for fusing data obtained with different illumination constellations were developed. The fusion strategy is based on the minimization of suitable energy functions. First, an illumination-based segmentation of the object is performed. To obtain the boundaries of each surface, directional light-field illumination is used. By formulating suitable criteria nearly binary images are selected by variation of the illumination direction.

Hereafter, the surface edges are obtained by fusing the contours of the areas obtained before. Following, an optimally illuminated image is acquired for each surface of the object by varying the illumination direction. For this purpose, a criterion describing the quality of the surface texture has to be maximized. Finally, the images of all textured surfaces of the object are fused to an improved result in which the whole object is contained with high contrast. Although the presented methods were designed for inspection of needles, they also perform robustly in other computer vision tasks where metallic objects have to be inspected.

Sensors mounted on the vehicle measure signals of the rail track. These sensor signals are then compared with reference signals stored in a digital rail map by using correlation techniques. A model-based approach is presented to generate these reference signals.

Moreover, the correlation methodology is extended by considering nonlinear distortions of the recorded signals, leading thus to a significantly higher robustness of the method. The performance of the proposed approach is demonstrated based on the detection of rail clamps as well as the identification of track sections and switches. However, by means of the cross-correlation function only linear similarities are registered.

Unfortunately, often it is not possible to avoid non-linearities in the characteristics of the sensors used or, as in image processing, in the interaction between illumination and the scene to be captured. Thus, in such cases correlation methods may yield poor results. In this paper, we describe alternative strategies to enhance the performance of correlation methods even when the statistical connection between the signals is non-linear.

To reduce the impact of non-linearities on the signals to be analyzed, a preprocessing is performed in which certain properties affecting first-order statistics are manipulated. This step impresses the same histogram to the signals to be compared, so that typically higher correlation coefficients are obtained as compared to if no preprocessing methods were used. The performance of our approach is demonstrated with two different tasks. First, a preprocessing strategy is proposed for signals obtained from train-based sensors to enable an identification of rail switches.

Finally, a method for comparing striation patterns in forensic science is presented. To investigate the benefit of this approach, a large database of toolmarks is used. To cope with illumination problems, several images are recorded with different lighting. Typically, the information of interest is extracted from each image separately and is then combined at a decision level.

However, in our approach all images are processed simultaneously by means of a centralized fusion--no matter whether the desired results are images, features or symbols. Since the information fused is closer to the source, a better exploitation of the raw data is achieved. The sensors are virtual in the sense that a single camera is employed to record all images with different illumination patterns. The fusion problem is formulated by means of an energy function. Its minimization yields the desired fusion results, which describe surface defects. The performance of the proposed methodology is illustrated by means of two case studies: In both cases, the results demonstrate that by generating complementary imaging situations and using fusion techniques, a reliable yet cost-efficient inspection is attained matching the needs of industry.

Danach werden die resultierenden Bilder mittels einer zentralisierten Fusionsstrategie verarbeitet. The two-wavelength ESPI for surface contouring can achieve both high accuracy of height resolution in the micron range and short measurement times far below a second. A further advantage of this method is that compared to e. A problem of interferometric methods in general are phase ambiguities originating from discontinuous measurement object surfaces.

A common idea to decrease the range of ambiguity is the fusion of several interferograms recorded at different wavelengths. This paper presents a concept for a loss free sequential superposition of several spatially separated laser beams as well as algorithms for the determination of measured surface discontinuities. Also a solution of a stability control for fast wavelength tuning of laser diodes is presented.

The two-wavelength ESPI for surface contouring can achieve both high accuracy of height resolution in the micron range and short measurement times far below one second. A further advantage of this method is that, compared to e. The main problems of interferometric methods in general are on one hand the enormous sensitivity against disturbances caused by environmental movements and vibrations. On the other hand discontinuous object surfaces cause phase ambiguities leading to uncertainties in surface reconstruction. This article presents new concepts for tackling these problems via simultaneous data acquisition and multi-wavelength evaluation respectively.

Furthermore a vibration stable set-up concept, a hardware based interferogram evaluation a special solution for a loss less sequential superposition of several spatially separated laser beams and a concept of a fast stability control for diode lasers are introduced. This becomes especially critical whenever an aesthetic finish is decisive for the final product.

Dale Chihuly

Such is the case, for example in production of furniture, musical instruments, and paper, among many others. Dozens of different defects with very varied shapes can affect varnished or painted surfaces. However, an important group of them presents a mere circular geometry. Circular defects can have very different sizes and are only partially visible under certain illumination conditions. These characteristics complicate the quality control of varnished or painted surfaces, for which an automated solution does not exist.

On the contrary, this work is performed by human operators, which yields to a long, expensive and subjective inspection process. In order to implement an automated surface inspection different lighting directions and a priori knowledge on the defect symmetry are combined.

The image series, resulting of sampling the illumination space, presents the complete information of defects but distributed on its pictures. To collect all this information an iterative algorithm based on a multidimensional correlation filter is proposed, which enables a reliable identification of circular defects with arbitrary diameters.

Moreover, the successful detection and identification of these defects is not affected by the surface texture. This requires a three-dimensional input signal: This paper presents a method to extract translation and rotation invariant features from such a series to detect and classify topographic irregularities on the inspected surfaces. Invariant features are represented by 3D fuzzy histograms and classified by a support vector machine SVM.

The proposed method performs successfully on varnished wooden surfaces to detect and classify defects on the varnish film. This sort of defects is extremely difficult to recognize which makes it appropriate to demonstrate the robustness of the method. Als Datenquelle werden zwei Lidarscanner verwendet, welche das Umfeld zyklisch abtasten.

However, an integrated controller for reduction of oscillations often restricts the dynamical behavior. Therefore, a simple model of the driveline is introduced, which helps to design a control algorithm. By nonlinear preprocessing of a convenient control variable the performance of the common PD-controller is increased. A dynamic limit of the controller is useful to obtain the desired comfort.

The results evaluated in simulation and in road tests show a very good performance. This scheme uses different classifiers, called error functions, on the input, and mixes several sub-de-interlacers depending on them. The approach differs from the earlier works in this area due to focus on more complex classification rather than on complex sub-de-interlacers. The proposed scheme is flexible and allows various combinations of error functions with sub-de-interlacers. In this article we describe a test implementation of this concept with five different sub-de-interlacers and five error functions composing a spatial-temporal de-interlacing method.


The description of the test implementation is supported by simulations where we evaluate the contribution of different sub-de-interlacers and error function to output de-interlacing quality. The objective is the improvement of the precision of the fuel metering. Hence, the fuel injector needs to be calibrated. For calibration, the engine? The authors investigate the possibility of estimating the actual duration of injection on basis of the emitted structure borne sound during the injection process.

In order to avoid additional hardware, the standard knock sensor on the engine block shall be used as transducer. For that, the emission of structure borne sound during the injection process is examined in this paper. After analyzing the injection process and the transmission path from injector to knock sensor, a simple filter is proposed for pre-processing the knock sensor signals.

The processed signals then build the basis for estimating the actual injection duration. Ein solches Filter wurde in Vorarbeiten vorgestellt und in dieser Arbeit um eine heuristische Trajektorienextraktion erweitert.

Monica Bellucci - 15 Deutsch-Rap-Songs Mashup (BAUSA, RIN, UFO361, LUCIANO, ...)

Die Genauigkeit der eingespritzten Kraftstoffmenge spielt eine entscheidende Rolle in Bezug auf Abgasverhalten und Kraftstoffverbrauch und soll daher im Fokus der Arbeit stehen. Foreign materials like pieces of rocks, insects, plastics, carton etc. For many years, near-infrared spectroscopy has been a widely-used analytical offline method for quality inspection for small samples in the food and agriculture industry. Up to now, high-speed automatic sorting machines work usually on the basis of visual inspection, not near-infrared inspection.

This article describes how an in-line food sorting system can be developed on the basis of hyperspectral imaging data. We focus on analyzing the vast amount of data to yield minimum band selection with optimal classification results required for an industrial sorter. Results illustrate that heartbeat classification performance could improve significantly if short periods of data e. Five firefighters were monitored using wearable technology collecting ECG signals.

Heart rate and heart rate variability features were analyzed in consecutive 5-min intervals during several types of events. A questionnaire was used to rank these types of events according to stress and fatigue and a measure of association was applied to compare this ranking to the ECG features. Results indicate associations between this ranking and both heart rate and heart rate variability features extracted in the time domain.

Finally, an example of differences in inter personal responses to stressful events is shown and discussed, motivating future challenges within this research field. In this paper a measurement procedure for obtaining channel characteristics taking into account the distinct properties of the low voltage grid is introduced and results of a measurement campaign based on the proposed method are discussed.

Due to the simplicity and the tractability of the mathematical nature, this model is widely used to study the behavior of a communication system. In this paper we report the implementation of AWGN in a powerline channel emulator that is used for the performance evaluation of PLC modems. Some common methods of generating white Gaussian random numbers are investigated and implemented.

A verification platform is developed to measure the quality of the generated white Gaussian noise. A comparison of the implementations is made in the consideration of the accuracy, the speed and the resource consumption. The influence of analog components such as the reconstruction filter, the clipping diode and the coupling circuits is also investigated. This fact is usually idealized with flat in-band attenuation during the performance evaluation of PLC modems.

Thus the noise margin under these channel conditions cannot be measured. Inserting L-C-R resonance circuits between devices under test DUT can introduce some kind of frequency-dependent attenuation of the transmit signal, However this method suffers from low flexibility, low accuracy and high complexity. This paper proposes a channel emulator-based platform for the performance test of powerline communications PLC modems in frequency range up to kHz.

It is capable of emulating the frequency-dependent channel characteristics accurately and conveniently. The result of margin tests shows that different techniques as well as different implementations of the same technique have different performance with the same channel; single-carrier modulations have higher margins as multi-carrier and spread spectrum modulations.

All these facts can only be revealed by employing realistic channel conditions, therefore the flat attenuation is insufficient for a comprehensive and persuasive performance evaluation. While a camera system and radars observe the front, only a radar is available at the vehicle's side. Although the sensors do not have a common field of view, we show that tracking across the blind region is advantageous, since information that has already been retrieved by the front sensors can be conserved, and the confirmation time of the tracks could be reduced.

The results include a comparison of the JIPDAF approach running in real-time with an extended Kalman Filter with global nearest neighbor data association using data from real measurements.

Furthermore, we will compare the fusion results to measurements of a 3D laser scanner. Der Nutzen der Hinzunahme eines weiteren Sensors und der Entmischung durch das vorgestellte Modell wird untersucht. Es zeigt sich, dass durch den Einsatz des erweiterten Mischmodells eine Verbesserung der Entmischung erreicht werden kann. However, its behavior and its influence on communication systems have not been well investigated for narrowband powerline communications NB-PLC.

This paper reveals time-variant and frequency-selective phase distortions for frequency range below kHz. The influence of the phase response on preamble-based synchronization and on correlation-based modulations is investigated. Evaluation results show that noise margins can be reduced by non-linear phase distortions.

The influence of channel phase distortions should also be considered in design and implementation of PLC systems. Therefor we present an approach for precise impedance determination at the low-voltage grid and results we obtained from a measurement campaign.

Furthermore we investigate the accuracy of modeling channel transfer functions with two-conductor transmission line theory using actually measured impedances. This paper presents an easy to implement and effective method to identify amplitude modulated AM signals on power lines, especially in a cyclostationary noise scenario which is typically encountered on low voltage power grids.

In this article, a novel method, namely 'optical unmixing', is proposed to alleviate the post processing effort by replacing the heavy computation with a spectrally tunable light source. By choosing spectral features of the light source intelligently, the abundance map of each material can be retrieved with minimum computation from gray value images captured by a normal camera.

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In Technisches Messen , Vol. Cross correlation , Detection of rail switches , Nonlinear similarities , Pattern recognition , Train-borne location. Power line channel characteristics and their effect on communication system design. Mehr Wissen durch Fusion von Sensordaten. Abstraction levels , Depth from stereo , Feature fusion , Image fusion , Image sensors , Image series , Image signals , Photometric stereo. Imaging and analysis of forensic striation marks.

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In Journal of Power Sources , Vol.

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On applying the knock sensor for injector calibration. In tm - Technisches Messen , Vol. In ATZelektronik , 2: Robustness improvement of hyperspectral image unmixing by spatial second-order regularization. Gewinnung und Verarbeitung hyperspektraler Fluoreszenzbilder zur optischen Mineralklassifikation. Evaluation of state-dependent pedestrian tracking based on finite sets. Determination of engine speed by using the ceramic glow plug as a sensor element.

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Image fusion techniques for robust inspection of specular surfaces. Dasarathy editor, Multisensor, Multisource Information Fusion: Architectures, Algorithms and Applications , Vol. Automated visual inspection , Bayesian fusion theory , Car body parts , Illumination , Image fusion , Machined surfaces , Painted surfaces , Smooth surfaces , Specular surfaces , Structured surfaces.

Automated visual inspection , Image fusion , Quality assessment , Smooth surfaces , Specular surfaces. Multi-image detection and classification based on models and invariants. N-lambda speckle-interferometry for contouring in industrial applications. Recent developments in surface contouring by means of speckle interferometry. Detection of circular defects on varnished or painted surfaces by image fusion. Automated visual inspection , Illumination variation , Matched filter , Surface texture , Wood surfaces.

Translation and rotation invariant histogram features for series of images. Automated visual inspection , Feature extraction , Invariant features , Invariant histograms , Pattern recognition , Wood surfaces. Timing analysis and scheduling of distributed control functions. A 1D circulation model as boundary condition for a 3D simulation of a pumping human ventricle. Enhancing reliability of drive-by-wire control units by fault compensation using data fusion. Software-architecture of drive-by-wire computer systems. Separation unbekannter akustischer Signale mit Hilfe analytischer Wavelet-Packets.

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