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But he soon evolved into a more comedic horror host , delivering an irreverent and pun-filled commentary to lighten the horrific tone of the stories he introduced. The Crypt-Keeper's duties were not limited to hosting. He would occasionally appear as a character as well, and these appearances give the reader a glimpse of his biography. The film from Amicus Productions features five stories from various EC comics.

A homage film entitled Creepshow followed, paying tribute to the tone, look, and feel of Tales from the Crypt and other EC comics, without directly adapting any of the stories. Other episodes were based on other entries in the EC Comics line: In , Tales from the Crypt was adapted into a Saturday morning cartoon series entitled Tales from the Cryptkeeper , based on the series albeit with none of the violence or other questionable content that was in the original series , with Kassir as the Cryptkeeper again; it ran from September 18, to December 4, Search for the lost Tales.

In late , a pinball machine titled Tales from the Crypt was produced under license by Data East. In , a Saturday morning game show called Secrets of the Cryptkeeper's Haunted House ran from September 14 to August , with Kassir once again in the role of the Cryptkeeper as announcer. Two films by Universal Studios, Demon Knight and Bordello of Blood , were based on the series, neither of which was particularly successful with critics. A third film, Ritual , was slated for theatrical release in , but was only distributed internationally without the Tales from the Crypt connection until when it was released on DVD in the United States, with the Cryptkeeper segments restored.

Unlike the s-era Amicus films, these films were not based on stories from any of the EC comics. The Frighteners was intended to be another film in the series, but executive producer Robert Zemeckis decided to release it as a standalone film. In early , it was announced M. Freddy has managed to cheat death for many decades by having his old friend, a surgeon, perform transplants on him to replace his organs with those from a younger man.

But he has to steal them from corpses, and now he's finding he has less and less time before he needs another operation. A private detective finds himself with a new case to solve when he and his wife rent a hotel room and find an unidentifiable body hidden inside it. Convinced that he became a werewolf after a mysterious incident during a trip to Europe, Ralph goes to visit his old friend George for help. But with the full moon rising, he's closer to the truth than he knows. A surgeon, furious that his fiancee has left him to marry an artistically gifted man, decides to take his revenge by cutting off his love rival's hand.

The artist commits suicide, but the severed hand appears to have taken on a life of its own. A morgue attendant begins having visions of death which he links to the "Living Corpse"-a performance artist who feigns death during his act. Marian Mander is convinced she is going insane when she begins to see and hear strange things after her son's death. Her husband is worried about her, but how deep is his own involvement? A woman becomes mute with shock after witnessing the local doctor murdering his wife. He commits the witness to an insane asylum, but then decides he must kill her before she regains her voice.

A couple whose plane went down over the Bermuda Triangle are trapped on a lifeboat in the middle of the sea. They think they're in luck when they come across a ship; until they find a skeleton tied to the helm. Ida and Jim are plotting to murder Ida's stingy, drunken husband so they can be together. He proves a little harder to kill than they would like. The young sub-curator of a museum is angry that his own invention is being ignored in favour of a new exhibit: The enraged man decides to get even by thawing out the body and leaving it to decompose in the sun, but does not think to check that the "caveman" is really dead.

Daniel Richards is staying in Haiti with his wealthy plantation-owning friend. He ignores instructions not to spy on a native voodoo ritual, but then notices something very interesting about the photo he took of the event. You are a man on a sea crossing, forced to take a cabin that is supposedly cursed: Four wealthy, arrogant college students come to bitterly regret playing around with a book of voodoo spells. Janet is worried that her workaholic brother is ruining his health, so she calls in the family doctor to give him a reviving tonic.

When he begins going through a monstrous transformation, it's a race against time to find out what was in the tonic. Theodore Warren goes into a trance and draws the face of a terrified-looking man. He's shocked, but not as much as when he meets the man in real life - a man who's carving Warren's own name into a tombstone. A prisoner on death row is visited by a professor who claims to be able to revive him after his death. The prisoner is executed in the electric chair, and the professor brings him back to life.

He shoots the professor and goes to take his revenge on the judge who sentenced him to death, but finds that maybe he shouldn't have been quite so hasty A couple on their honeymoon come across a deserted funfair. Only one ride is open, and as they discover, the owner is a little too obsessed with making sure that his "dummies" look perfectly real.

A fraternity boy is determined to terrify the new pledges going through a hazing ritual, and makes them go to the top floor of an old house rumoured to be haunted. He gets his comeuppance when the boys disappear and he is sent to find them. Larry kills his love rival, John, and as a parting shot is determined to marry John's wife wearing the same tuxedo that John wore at the wedding. Unfortunately, this is what John was buried in, and now Larry has to dig up the body to retrieve it.

Bill is in love with Laura, but Laura loves only Jim.

Carrier #25

Bill kills Jim and decides he must kill Laura because she knows about the murder. What Bill does not know is that when Jim promised to always protect Laura, he really meant it. Jean and her lover Freddie are involved in a car accident. Jean needs a blood transfusion but no one at the scene is a match, until a mysterious stranger appears and volunteers his help. Shortly afterwards, bodies begin turning up in town, drained of their blood The owners of a failing amusement park find themselves in luck when a newcomer agrees to sell them the rights to an amazing new rollercoaster. They decide to save on further costs by not testing the ride for safety, but then when it opens, they're offered the first turn on the new attraction.

Robert needs a fancy dress costume for a New Year party, and goes to the attic. He discovers there's a curse on his family which means that anyone who uses the old Arnold musket and powder-horn dies at New Year. Robert's confident that curses don't exist, until he takes the items to complete his costume. You and your friend Carl are on a long drive. Carl, the driver, falls asleep at the wheel and crashes the car. You wake up, glad to have survived. But why does everyone you meet run away from you?

Tony decides to pay his "last respects" to his newly deceased wife, but finds himself trapped in the crypt with her body. He's forced to turn to a shocking method of survival. A man skeptical about the supernatural is talked into attending a seance. He's sure he can trick the medium into proving herself a fake by asking her to channel the spirit of his wife, who's still alive.

Jay and Bill, visitors to Haiti , are determined to witness a voodoo ritual. But when the locals catch them spying, it's not long before they start seeing strange dolls everywhere. Harry loses his hearing and with it his job and his wife. An old friend points him in the direction of a man who may be able to help by giving Harry a hearing transplant from a bat.

Two old friends are doctors who can't agree whether illness is physical or just in the mind. When one of them is close to death, the other is convinced he can save his old friend through hypnosis - a technique so successful it keeps the patient's heart beating even after his death. Duncan falls asleep while reading a horror story about a ghoul , and when he wakes up, he finds he has a strange new taste in food Ralph wants to give his fragile, sickly wife such a fright that it will cause her fatal heart failure, and he can inherit her money, the money she gained when they murdered her wealthy old uncle together.

He decides that making her uncle "reappear" will be just the shock to kill her, not knowing that the corpse is already ahead of him. A man who loves to collect hunting "trophies" discovers that it's not just animals who can be hunted. A housewife is terrorized by an evil old witch who switches their bodies, leaving the witch alone with the woman's husband. Eddie is madly in love with a woman who does not return his affections. He meets a mysterious stranger claiming to be an alchemist , who gives Eddie a potion to make the woman fall madly in love with him.

The stranger says Eddie will soon be back for the antidote, and Eddie laughs, but soon finds out he should have listened. Henri Mataud is the proprietor of a wax museum devoted to figurines of famous murderers. He becomes fed up with his wife "ruining" the exhibits by relieving them of their heavy weapons and awkward poses, so he decides to stop her for good, without realizing just how much the figures appreciated her efforts. An artist who has been conned out of money goes to a voodoo practitioner in the hope of revenge.

Sandra and her lover Fred arrange to kill Sandra's husband, but at the same time as she is murdering her husband, Fred is hit by a truck and dies. When Sandra's husband wakes up in Fred's body, he has only one thing on his mind. A man buys a farm which he plans to turn into a flying school, ignoring the old farmhand's instruction not to bulldoze the Native American burial plot on the site. A corrupt politician poisons his rival so he can become the town mayor. His actions quite literally come back to haunt him.

Two entrepreneurs want to pay off a French stage magician to perform his wondrous magic tricks on stage in the USA.

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He refuses, so they kill him and steal his manuscript with the intention of staging his horrific "illusions" themselves. There's just one important detail he left out of the script.

A woman whose husbands have all died in mysterious circumstances gets more than she bargained for when she goes to lay flowers at the grave sites. Myra is devastated after her husband takes off on an unexpected business trip and never comes back. His business partner returns without him, and Myra discovers that maybe her husband isn't quite who she thought he was.

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During the French Revolution , a corrupt duke makes money by taking bribes to save condemned aristocrats from the guillotine , and then turning them in to the authorities. But if a chicken can survive without its head, why can't a human? Two medical students who are planning to rob a grave so they can save on expenses for their dissection project cross paths with a pair of conmen trying to fake a death. A hypnotist's act includes reducing his wife to a near-death state by using his powers to slow her heart. He decides to use this to kill her so he can marry his new girlfriend; but forgets that there is also a command to revive her.

Arnold takes over his father's business and fires a loyal employee for being too old. The man returns to his native Haiti and sends Arnold a present: It works just a bit too well. A seaside resort owner tries to convince his old friend, a once-famous ventriloquist , to come out of retirement and perform there. The dummy is less keen to take part in the act.

Lair - Crossing at Dawn [1/2]

A child whose abusive stepfather keeps locking him in the closet appears to have found an imaginary "friend. Clint is on the run and asks an old "friend" to help him escape by boat - a friend whose lover he seduced, crippled in an accident, and then abandoned. The friend agrees to help Clint, but Clint didn't specify exactly where he wanted to be taken.

Myrna has a phobia of being buried alive. Now, her worst fear has come true. Can she escape from the coffin before her oxygen runs out? A greedy businessman who loves spiders uses one of his pets to kill a business associate who was about to expose his embezzlement. On a trip abroad, he finds himself closer to his fanged friends than he could ever have imagined. A prospector returns from the dead to take revenge on a rival who murdered him to steal his gold. A film producer travels to the Arctic on location and falls in love with a beautiful young girl he meets there.

He wants her to come to Hollywood with him and become a star. The girl's guardian angrily opposes this, and the producer convinces her to run away with him anyway. But once they arrive he discovers a very good reason why she should have stayed at home. Seven-year-old Toby lives with his abusive aunt, who beats him for stealing coal from the shed.

She eventually decides to put a lock on the coal-bin to keep him out, which backfires when she becomes trapped there herself. Andrew goes to stay with his wealthy uncle Ambrose, whose other heirs have all mysteriously died after coming to live at Ambrose's mansion. Ambrose seems like a kindly old man but his wife warns Andrew that something far more sinister is afoot. The owners of a cargo vessel build a complicated rat trap to catch rodents on their ship, resulting in a device that traps the rats and forces them to kill each other for survival.

Luckily, humans are more advanced than this - or so the men think, until their own boat begins to sink. A sheriff investigates a series of strange murders in the Everglades. The bodies have been completely ripped apart, but he knows the killings are the work of no ordinary creature Jack Kamen gets his own taste of fear when he joins the staff at Tales From the Crypt and has to start illustrating horror stories instead of romances.

Villagers take revenge on a greedy feudal duke who tortures his subjects to feed his love of jewels. During World War II, a butcher decides to make money on the black market by selling rotted horse meat as steak, with horrific consequences when townspeople start falling sick because of it. A group of men frame their business partner to cover their own misdeeds, but soon find themselves trapped in a "web" of more than just false evidence. A circus elephant trainer decides to use his act as a cover to kill his wife so he can marry his new girlfriend.

He's not counting on his wife, or the elephant, making a reappearance in the ring - even after they're dead. The Crypt Keeper recounts his own origins, born to a year-old Egyptian mummy and a dead sideshow freak with two heads. A greedy couple in India kill a young peasant girl who refuses to tell them the secret of her magic rope trick. They're sure they can work out how to perform it themselves and make their fortune, but didn't listen to her warnings that the rope will take orders from no one but her. A spoiled young prince loves his elderly nursemaid.

When she dies suddenly, the king and queen promise to hold a splendid state funeral for her. The boy is looking forward to the event, until he discovers the old woman isn't dead at all, and decides to take matters into his own hands. A conman who seduces elderly women so he can kill them and inherit their money meets his match in a new conquest. You are the protagonist in a story where you take the place of Frankenstein's monster.

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