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Only one more storyline in this world now that will have me coming back for more and that's Lassiter. I know Ward is intending to cross-over characters from her other series which I don't read and I have feeling that would be the final death knell for me as the BDB world already has so many branches and characters who are mentioned as important and never seen again Muhrder anyone? Full review to come Please don't let it suck. Two complete love stories in one book! Ward always had a lot going on her her books.

Several threads that continues through several books. I absolutely loved both! There wasn't a whole lot of action, which was fine with me. I hate the parts in this series with the Lessers. But there was a lot of getting to know you sweet and sometimes intense romance. I was happily surprised by how much I liked both Payton and Novo. I didn't particularly like either of them in the previous books. I completely fell in love with Ruhn, and I am so happy for Saxton! This was a very satisfying read that made me happy! Can't wait for what's next. View all 12 comments. I struggled to see romantic chemistry between them.

Sparring partners with snarky comebacks? But Omg I want you so much, where have you been all my life? I kept waiting to see 3. I was hoping they would drag me in and make me fall for them like the previous 2 couples. The main issue for me was I felt nothing was done to show me why these 2 belonged together. No new path was turned, no new insight was given, no new layer was shown or explored. Together as a couple and apart as individual characters. For Novo in particular. I didn't find her very layered.

She's still a blank canvas to me. She's a replica of Xhex in my eyes, except the emotional depth and weight wasn't there.

Blood Fury – J.R. Ward

What makes her different? Why makes her unique outside of her personal tragedy? I felt her whole persona was built around the burden she carried around like a shroud and nothing else was given or explored. Yeah she's a badass. But what makes her vulnerable? Outside of her past trauma. What makes her tick? Besides enjoying rough sex and loving to fight. See where I'm going here?

I felt the author relied too heavily on Novo's past trauma to explain everything away and fill in the blanks with this character. A past history does not make up nor equal the entirety of a character's makeup IMO. There is a distinct difference between the two.

That's why I was hoping to learn more about her and see what lies underneath all that sarcasm and impenetrable exterior. But everything was shallow beats. I still know nothing new about Novo besides her not liking emotional stuff and enjoying fighting. And it was distracting.

That sure as hell was strange to me.

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Yes, there are extenuating circumstances to why that happens so late but it still felt incredibly off. I felt like I was visiting a stranger's house. That's not a great feeling when you are well passed the halfway mark. I felt this character and the pairing were sitting ducks through the majority of the book where nothing happens besides one incident out in the field and they either bicker and argue or have rough awkward sex. Since the heroine stubbornly insists on keeping up the emotional roadblocks this leads to a hurried deluge of poured out emotions in the very end.

Which is part of the reason why I wasn't buying the endless ILY's near the end. No matter how many times it was said. Which by the way, is such a pet peeve of mine. Why do authors do this? I really wish Ward would ease up on that. The last few chapters in her books now read more like fanfic where everyone is shitting rainbows and unicorns in expressing their endless love. Like let me say "I love you so much" 10 more times in case you missed it the first 3 times and don't believe me.

The humor was definitely there though. The writing was fine. I don't know, everything about them felt very forced and cliched for me. Even the dialogue felt very deja vu. I kept fighting the urge to skim their scenes. This was much better. I honestly wish these 2 got their own solo book in a perfect world or longer scenes that were uninterrupted.

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This is how you give a fan fave character a long-awaited payoff. But did I enjoy them? Since the Legacy books are shorter in length, we don't get as much page time or slow build up. So some things were rushed or skipped over to fit within the shorter page count. I was expecting that. I would have definitely liked more sex scenes or at least one long one. And Ruhn never having a relationship with a man before seemed to not phase him at all which I personally felt was pushing it.

He seemed a little too comfortable and open about his attraction to Saxton a little quickly which was a little hard to swallow considering how he was raised in rural South with conservative civilian parents.

But given what a gentle, kind, compassionate sweetheart he is I gave this a pass. Ruhn's backstory is truly heartbreaking and it really once again highlighted how awful the Vampire race can be when it comes to vices and cruelty. And it's anther strength to the world Ward created. I felt this arc would have been more amazing to see play out in the BDB books and unfold slowly. But that's me being picky. Ruhn is so wonderful and exactly what Sax deserved. I loved this character so much that he got his own bookshelf named after him. How big and strong he is in physical build but how quiet, shy and hesitant he is about himself and how to express himself.

I found that so endearing and fucking adorable. I melted right along with Saxton. I loved the dynamic between these two, the vulnerability on both sides for different reasons. The reaching out and giving and taking. Their dinner dates were so cute. Like I said, I could read a whole book about them and then some. I truly hope this isn't the last we see of these two. I gobbled up all their scenes and found myself wishing for more.

Not amazing like I wanted it to be but it was decent. I still think this series is more successful where the recent BDB books are now floundering. This spin-off series is more focused, tighter, cleaner and not drowning in 10 different POVs. And the fact that this focused strictly on 2 couples and balanced fairly? I just wish Ward would stop playing it safe with the love scenes. I really hope she continues the Legacy series after the next book.

I think it would be a totally missed opportunity to end it so soon IMO. And this a totally random side note, but I really love the character names. Even the secondary characters have cool names that always give me pause. I have my theory on who he may get paired up with and if that's the case, I'm very intrigued.

I liked what little I learned about this new character. Just please, no more Bodyguard tropes? You know, how it was originally supposed to be and how it was initially marketed? And this author definitely has that kind of pull and she knows it. A small spin-off series does not need to be hardcover.

BLOOD FURY: Chapter 1 excerpt!

If it's a timing issue then just say that. Not some lame ass "this series is too expensive for readers" excuse. As if cost was ever an issue with your other hardcover series, Ward? View all 5 comments. Jan 10, Stumble rated it did not like it Shelves: I am so frustrated right now. I love this universe and I love Ward's characters, blablabla yadayadayada. But this series feels like reading the same male and female character over and over again. Peyton's family situation is the same as so many others, boring. Drugs, booze, women, asshole of a father, blablabla. Like, are you serious?

My biggest gripe howeve Rant incoming. My biggest gripe however is with Saxton and Ruhn. However, why does Ward make a big deal of Ruhn feeling out of place, awkward, afraid of being thrown out of the house if he as much as breathes wrong, and then not resolve it? Why does nobody notice, other than Saxton, in passing, a few times? Why doesn't Sax ask him? Why not make it a part of them getting to know each other? Ruhn has already got impeccable manners, why not teach him about when to use which fork so the guy can feel comfortable at the table?

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Why is no one asking him what he would like to do for a living and then help the guy? With his art fx instead of fixating on being a 'handymale'? And teach him to read! These things drives me NUTS. Why couldn't Ruhn have been learning these things during the book or even having begun before we're told the love story?

Also, Saxton was the one breaking it off with Blay and Ward makes it sound like it was the other way around, which is annoying as fuck. It wouldn't seem as rushed. Also they shouldn't share a book, they needed a whole one. I'm glad we saw Luhcas again. And I'm glad Qhuinn was kept to a minimum as I feel like he was ruined in The Chosen, which is not his fault, but still.

Wrath reads like a caricature of himself. And he is so fucking rude and full of shit all the time, these last few books especially. I liked that Manny took a front seat instead of Jane, for once. But he does not, at all, read like that in his own book. All the characters have the same vernacular and the same kind of inner dialogue, especially the guys. He still reads as original and the same, thank god. But its as if Ward has given up on really exploring characters and their development, which is a shame.

Because she's good at it when she wants to be. Now most of her writing is melodramatic and sappy and reads like recipe, and I can't contain my eyeroll's. Jun 28, Angelika rated it liked it Shelves: I wish people would stop reviewing books that they haven't read yet! Goodreads should delete this feature. What's the point of posting reviews about a book that will be published months from now? Lip service resulting in sales. There are group discussions for the people who want to share their thoughts and hopes and speculations. By far the best of the three Legacy books. The chara I wish people would stop reviewing books that they haven't read yet!

Blood Fury Black Dagger Legacy, Book 3 - Part 02 Audiobook

The characters developed, grew within reason and proportion. The perspective given made sense and overall it was a good read. Jan 09, Under the Covers Book Blog rated it really liked it. I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review. Oh what a happy day when I get to crack open a J.

Ward book and get lost in the world she's created. Honestly, it's a magical experience. While I c I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review. I picked this up one morning around Christmas time and I barely wanted to move and go be social with the family. I had to read every chance I got and even when I didn't really have a chance. I gobbled this up, all starry eyed and in love. I was dying to see them clash together and it just seemed like it would make for some sizzling chemistry.

And boy, did it ever?! The development of their relationship was perfectly paced for my liking and it also felt very much in character for both of them. The great part being that they are both dealing with some immediate personal struggles and it was those struggles that I think facilitated how they came together. Novo is the tough chick of the group, I love that about her. I was really happy that we got to see a completely different side of her in this book.

She was a tender, young girl and the past slapped her around pretty bad.

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My heart immediately thawed to her and I really admired her strength even more than before. It gave meaning to how she conducts herself now and it made it all that sweeter when she let Peyton in. And then of course there's Peyton. Maybe he may not be the most popular guy for fans of this series but ohhhh how I love him.

He's done the best he can with the hand life dealt him. And he's made plenty of mistakes. But the fact he sees that and wants to make changes, that he takes criticism from his actions and turns things around I may even go as far as saying that Novo and Peyton are my favorite couple of the Legacy series so far! This book also has a secondary HEA. Finally, Saxton gets his man.

And no, I don't mean Blay, lets not get crazy here. But Saxton finds happiness and I was beyond excited that this was happening. It would feel like a settling HEA. Rest assured, there's no settling here! Saxton and Ruhn are so perfect together! I mean, I won't go into much detail about Saxton because I've been a fan for a while so lets focus on the unexpected for me here, Ruhn.

Ruhn really stands out as the best and most unexpected part of this book. He was the one I had no clue what we were really going to get. And no clue how he was going to act around Saxton. I fell in love with him from the very first time we get his POV. There's a tenderness and innocence about him that you can't help but be drawn in by. At the same time, there's so many layers to him that you get to slowly peel back and uncover. The things that shaped him and made him who he is. The small things that he finds joy in. Where the Brothers are always larger than life, Ruhn is that sweet real life man that's perfectly broken.

I wasn't expecting him but he was a highlight for me. I couldn't have wished for better. Subscribe to our blog by email! Blood Fury had not one, but two romances I thoroughly enjoyed. Novo, however, writes Peyton off as a rich, shallow playboy, normal for the aristocratic glymera. Also, it seems Peyton does nothing but moon over Paradise, another member in their training team. Yet, when Novo is injured Peyton is the one who stays by her side and for some reason she allows it, wants his presence even.

He also realizes he needs to play things just right with her as he senses her need to keep others at a distance. I loved that he took this all into consideration while being there for her exactly when she needed him. Their romance was hot and touching, and I loved every minute! However, a situation pairs Ruhn and Saxton together, and his heart is once again awakened. Just what I needed after reading two underwhelming stories, and it really made Ms.

Blood Fury

A copy was kindly provided by Ballantine Books in exchange for an honest review. View all 4 comments. Novo and Peyton find themselves grudgingly attracted to one another, neither wants anything to do with romance especially with each other. Novo has baggage and past hurts that makes her keep Peyton at arms length, but, eventually she learns that Payton is not all fluff and has actual feelings, feelings for her that she no longer has the desire to deny.

We see a much different side to Saxton when he becomes a true bonded male and his mate is hurt Whats that saying about expectations lead to disappointment????????? Is that the correct saying???? I enjoyed Peyton and Novo's story Peyton made me laugh, Novo made me sad, she reminded me of Xhex just a softer version. And of course I had a theme song for them and in true Ward fashion kinda its hip hop you don't stop That's true, that's right She's sipping Moet, and yeah I swear it gets her wetter My Louboutins new, so my bottoms, they is redder No I'm not a rat but I'm all about my cheddar Just talked to your homie she said we should be together Gave me brain, was so insane that I made her my header If she ever call my phone you know I gotta dead her But I like that girl too much, I wish I never met her Hello I was listening to this song It goes like I know it hurts sometimes but you'll get over it You'll find another life to live I swear that you'll get over it I know you're sad and tired You've got nothing left to give You'll find another life to live I know that you'll get over it Saxton and Ruhn Ward is not used to writing male male romance.

You can add some chemistry to the mix yo. Like you know how V and Butch had chemistry and it wasn't insta love. How do you go from not even realizing that you are bi-curious to bending Saxton over and fucking him raw. How do we go from fucking raw to I love you's And maybe its my own fault cause I wanted Saxton with another Ward does great when she makes us wait for a dalliance btwn 2 MCs. Its like Ruhn came in and came all over Saxton and that was that. And then that ending had me all ragey. Im gonna quit my rant now.

Qhuinn will always be my true love but now I just want Assail's book. Which will disappoint me because Ambos conocidos desde que 4 Estrellitas. Y ahora vamos con la pareja de Saxton, Ruhn. De modo que tenemos un libro con dos historias, dos romances. Ambos bonitos y correctos. Pero en general ha sido un buen libro que merece la pena leerse si eres fan de la serie; no es su mejor libro, pero lo disfrutas mientras lo lees.

Sep 04, warhawke rated it liked it Shelves: Peyton son of Peythone had his heart on someone but she was never his to keep. However, she had her own past to deal with before she could open her heart to others. Saxton was still mending his broken heart when Ruhn walked into his life. I was excited to start this one because even though Peyton started the series as an annoying brat, I wanted to see how he would evolve, and of course Saxton needed to find his own happiness too. But I felt like their stories were not special enough.

Novo was a bonfire he wanted to jump into. Wearing a suit of firecrackers and carrying a gas tank on his back. On the surface, the similarities might seem like what connected the stories together. Instead, it just felt repeated, only with different couple. But that was about it. What saved the book for me was Ruhn. As a newcomer to the series, his character brought a breath of fresh air especially with his humility and vulnerabilities.

However his character evolution was too much too soon, and could use more angst in between. He got into her heart? He was going to do more damage than that lesser with the dagger had, for sure. Blood Fury is a story of unrequited love. Books in the series: F BR With Loyda. Jan 16, Kimberly Carrington-Fox rated it liked it Shelves: I can't believe I'm still reading this series. Book bazillion and one. When I start reading each new release, a coming-home feeling sets in.

I know these characters so well that they might as well be my friends and family who I don't see but once or twice a year. I enjoy each new chapter in their lives. I'm happy to be reading about these new, young additions. But only because they are part of the whole BDB life. After all these ye I can't believe I'm still reading this series. After all these years, JR Ward still makes me laugh and cry in turns while reading one of her new books. I'm always sad when I finish the story because I have to say goodbye to my friends for now. But also happy to be leaving with another hard won HEA.

Apr 19, Ezinwanyi rated it liked it Shelves: Jan 30, Misty rated it really liked it. I liked and enjoyed this book but I just didn't love it. Can I just say that each of the four main characters have their very own family drama from the past!! Seriously, it was ridiculous. The only decent family seemed to be Ruhn's family, but even his father had a problem that Ruhn thought he was the only one who could fix it and that made his life hell for a time!!!

First off, Peyton reminds me of Qhuinn and well Qhuinn just doesn' 3. First off, Peyton reminds me of Qhuinn and well Qhuinn just doesn't sit well with me after reading The Chosen and Novo reminds me of Xhex. The bad ass girl and the preppy rich ass kid. There was actually more than the eye could see with the two of these vamps. Novo was the way she was for something traumatic that happened to her a few years before. She turned into a stronger female and basically shut everyone out of her life. Peyton used drugs and alcohol to numb his demons of having a shitty ass father who basically didn't approve of him.

So these two have had sexual tension between each other ever since book one in this series. It was nice to see them both have vulnerable sides even though it took Novo a longer time to let Peyton in. Saxon and Ruhn, this was an interesting pairing. Saxon is still pining over Blay and that disastrous breakup. Wrath has Ruhn be Saxon's bodyguard with an issue regarding a civilian vampire and some humans. I'm not really sure how the two of them got together. Ruhn didn't even know that he was "gay"?? Ruhn has issues from his past that he didn't want to show anyone, but it comes out one night when the two of them are ambushed by some humans.

Both couples were complete opposites from each other, but they went together. I thought the ending was rushed and I was kind of annoyed that they kept on mentioning Assail and how he just screamed every time someone was in the medical center. We've been hearing about this for like a few books now. We also got a glimpse again of Qhuinn's brother Luchas, so I'm hoping to hear about him more which I think he will be in one of these next books. Seriously, who is this Boone character? I would like to know more about him. He hasn't gotten any kind of time in any of the books.

Will he even have a book? I wish we could have read more interaction between Bitty and Ruhn, I would have liked to have seen that relationship develop. Wow, we actually got a lot of Dr. Manny instead of Doc Jane in this book. So the next part is going to be spoiler questions, so proceed at your own risk. Yet when his split-second decision in a battle with the enemy endangers the life of another trainee, Peyton has to face the idea that his future, and his heart, actually lie with another.

Novo, as a female in the Black Dagger Brotherhood's training program, feels like she has to prove herself to everybody - and she has no interest in being distracted by falling in love. But when Peyton proves to be so much more than a rich playboy, she is forced to confront the tragedy that has broken her soul and closed her off from love.

As the two grapple with Novo's past and Peyton's present, another couple must contend with an erotic connection that is unparalleled - and potentially scandalous. Saxton, who has had his heart broken, discovers in himself a deep-seated attraction to Ruhn, a new member of the household. But will the other male explore the connection? Or will he close his mind and his heart to what could be true love. The Best Books of Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of Looking for beautiful books? Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more.

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