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Despite not being able to contribute on the field for four early season games, Carney said he plans to do whatever he can to help his team. I still encourage guys to do better and still push guys. Not only are the Tar Heels […]. Voting with an educated decision is what doesn't fit, in my personal opinion.

Most of the people I know that are my age typically vote for what their parents voted for. And that would be fine if the world hadn't changed drastically over the last twenty years.

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Our founding fathers were wise enough to see the coming though which is why we have a constitution that is moldable. Unfortunately, it takes an act of Congress, which is totally deadlocked with partisan politics, to make any changes to it. The worst part though, from what I can see, is that our generation is doing nothing to stop this downward spiral that we will eventually inherit.

That is the sole power you have in this country, and generation y is either not voting, or voting blind. Opinion Question of the Day: Should welfare recipients be subject to mandatory drug screens? I don't know about drug testing, but I do think citizenship needs to be verified before going onto Welfare. I've known a number of people here under questionable circumstances.