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I look up to him because he has an amazing life. A hero, he says, is someone you depend on. So I'd like to be like her. Emily plays netball but her biggest sporting hero is shotputter Valerie Adams, because she doesn't give up and she seems like a really nice person when you see her on TV. Number two on Axel's list? Game developer Scott Cawthon was blasted for making a kids' game in which the characters looked like animatronics.

Kiwi Heroes : 50 courageous New Zealanders

He turned that around to make the successful Five Nights at Freddy's game, which incorporates animatronic robots. Alice Moore, Nehi Patel and Manu Nicholson-Cuevas all pick friends and family as their biggest heroes, raising suspicions of unintentional thought- conditioning. Alice, 10, admires her friends because they're kind and her parents because they give her food and water and things she needs.

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Also Taylor Swift, because she's good at singing. Manu, 9, names Mum, Dad and Grandma, because they protect him from bad stuff. And his friend Luca, because he looks after him when he hurts himself playing rugby. Nine-year-old Nehi thinks heroes are people who help you and don't brag "I won, you lose, I'm smarter than you". And also Katy Perry and Taylor Swift - because they can be funny in their music videos and sing calm and smooth songs.

Not the crazy, bad-word songs, though. One is wearing a Hurricanes jersey but his hero is not a rugby player. Another idolises Marvel superhero Red Hulk. Year 5 and 6 teacher Angela Pau'u says when she talked about heroes, most of the thoughts in the class were of superheroes.

But when she asked about real people, most children named friends, families and teachers. He likes Brown's songs and maybe wants to be like him a little bit and Dagg and Nonu are his best players. They're not his heroes, though. That honour goes to the mate who stopped him from getting in trouble with his teacher.

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Because being a hero is about helping people and getting them away from bad people. Kyera Kie-Nafatali's biggest heroes are her family, teachers and friends. Because her friends and family are nice to her and her teachers help her learn. When the school cranks up the sound system and gets into jump jam after morning tea, the 9-year-old is up front singing and dancing away. She wants to be a singer, like Beyonce.

It would be fun to hang out with famous people and travel the world, like her cousin's aunty who played softball for New Zealand's White Sox. Then she could go to Disneyland and Sea World. Family, friends and teachers are also the biggest heroes for year-old Tushaym Manase. She also looks up to her uncle, a talented batsman called Ross Taylor, who has had a busy few weeks playing for New Zealand in the Cricket World Cup. I would like to be like him.

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I would like to be a better batter and field well. Asked if she looks up to anyone famous, Brooke Tumanako Wakefield, 9, shakes her head. Her heroes are her family, because they love her and are kind to her. The Drunk in Love singer wins hands down. It is important to be smart as well as a good singer, because you have to think of lyrics. I just think she's really nice. She's a really talented player. Her friend Talita's hero is her year-old brother, "because he always protects me and stands up for me, and doesn't let me down. If somebody bullies me he makes me cheerful again.

Her other hero is Lecrae, a Christian rap artist from America. Freedom Korewha, 7, says his hero is Captain Underpants, the main character in a series of children's novels by Dav Pilkey. Once a comic book superhero, Captain Underpants comes to life after two best friends hypnotise their principal.

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He doesn't want to be like Captain Underpants when he grows up though - he wants to be a billionaire. How does he plan to do that?

Kiwi Heroes : 50 courageous New Zealanders by Winston Aldworth | The Women's Bookshop

The oldest group interviewed for this story was year 8 pupils at Cobham Intermediate in Christchurch, all 12 years old. Their heroes were diverse across science, arts and sport, coming from various countries and eras, but they all drew on a common theme of success in the face of obstacles.

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Jay Kang's heroes changed with his personal interests. When he was into astronomy, his main hero was Isaac Newton. Now that his tastes lean more toward music, his hero is a young man called Han Sol Jeong, a former Christchurch schoolboy who is now studying piano performance at university in Singapore. He's an amazing pianist. Sam Anderson chose two men of science and two sportsmen. Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein, for both doing something in their lifetimes that continues to be valued today.

E Wen Wong says there are loads of people she looks up to but she chose New Zealand poet Paula Green as her number one. I belong to her blog. She always gives you nice feedback and tries to help you make your writing better and she is guiding the younger generation in poetry.